Design @ Work

The Design Course for Non Designers

Who Is This Course For?

If your job role or business relies on you to be a little bit of a designer yet you have no intention of becoming a fully fledged designer or you are an employer that does not have a design budget you may have an employee you would like to train up, Design@Work is for you.

What Is Design@Work?

Design@Work is the design course for non-designers. A course focusing on enabling you to accomplish design tasks without years of design training. We supply you with a selection of beautiful work related design templates, teach you a simple set of working design skills and instruct you how to use Adobe InDesign so that you may apply designs to our templates.

Where Can I Do The Course?

Entirely online and self paced you can fit it in at work, around work, when you want.

You will have access to the course for 12 months. You may use the design templates at your leisure or when your work requires that special design job. The course can be completed in a much shorter period, however, if you prefer to go at a leisurely pace, you can dip into the resources and learn what you need, when you want.

How It Works

What We Will Teach You

We supply you with some great knowledge in Typography, Colour, Design Briefs, Sourcing Content even how to source and access your company’s existing resources. Then we show you how to apply your ideas to our beautiful design templates. You will be taught to use Adobe InDesign from the ground up, in a step by step manner.

Free Yourself From Word

Word and PowerPoint were not made to be design tools. Even the best designer would get a very average design result using these programs. Good results need the right tools.

Why Adobe Indesign?

InDesign is what we call a ‘multi page layout program’. This means that you can create a design that has one or more pages. InDesign is great for type and can also accept what we call vector and pixel based graphics. Which are fancy words for graphics and images.

InDesign is very intuitive and can be used from a beginner to a professional level. This means that using InDesign on a regular basis will expand your skills. You can use it in the future to create your own designs. That’s tons of scope and lot’s of creative possibilities. We like that!

Students in Australia, NZ, Europe and Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) are eligible to receive the student discount for the Adobe Creative Cloud required to complete this course. We will let you know how to go about this upon enrolment.

How It Looks


Nothing is left to chance, with our templates you cannot go wrong!

Choose from a set of Services or Goods related templates; Business Cards, Flyers, Newsletters, Brochures, Letterheads and even a personal Mood Board for the presentation of your ideas.

We regularly add to templates, so let us know if there is something you need.

How It Helps

What You Will Learn

As you use your templates for work we will also be teaching you lots of other cool design stuff too, so here is the course broken down.

  • An introduction to desktop publishing.
  • Preparation and design thinking.
  • Create Design Briefs and Style Guides
  • Using branding guidelines and gathering resources.
  • How to create InDesign documents from scratch.
  • How to quickly set up InDesign.
  • Using Tools and Menus.
  • Working with Images and Type. Bought and owned.
  • Working with Colour and ready made colour tools.
  • How to create documents with impact.
  • Using templates for quick design.
  • How to make your own templates for repeatable, refined layouts.

Getting Accredited, It’s Your Choice


Even though most people will be doing the course for the Design@Work set of skills, we do have a completely optional choice for students to submit a set of 3 designs, their briefs and a few other pieces of evidence as assessments. Successful completion of these assessments will achieve a Certificate of Completion accompanied by a Nationally Accredited Statement of Attainment.

Units of Competency

The following 5 Units of Competency listed make up the Statement of Attainment

The Details

The decision to submit assessments is completely optional. You may decide not to submit assessments at all; this is entirely your choice. This course is designed to give you a great set of Design@Work skills. If you don’t want to bother handing in assessments that’s perfectly fine; we won’t harass you for assessment submissions.

If you would like to undertake assessments, when you are ready to submit them we will direct you to complete a few quick questions and officially enrol you in the assessment part of the course.

There will be prompts and help in your course to guide you through the process, super easy! Assessment submission can happen any time you are ready to submit.

There are no additional charges if you do decide to submit your assessments. Naturally, the only requirement is that you submit within the year that you are enrolled. Your course will remain open to you for one whole year regardless of whether you submit early or later on in your enrolment period. Wow that’s a lot of time to get a lot of templates done and learn some great skills!


Payment Plans

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Note: You have a 7 day full refund period while you review your Module 1 and the Schoolyard, if for any reason you decide that the Design@Work course is not for you within that time, you may request a full refund.

Getting Started

How Do I Register?

You can enrol any day of the year. As we are online and training is self paced, there is no pressure. Enrol when you are ready to start, from anywhere in the world.

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