Choose your pathway to learning

If you don’t want to take the full CUA40715 Certificate IV in Design up front, you can choose to take a pathway in education. That gives you the option to take a sequence of courses towards your final qualification.

We offer a pathway towards the CUA40715 Certificate IV in Design made up of two courses.

Intensive Foundation Course+Upgrade to CUA40715 Certificate IV in Design=CUA40715 Certificate IV in Design

Once you’ve successfully completed the Intensive Foundation Course, you can enrol in the CUA40715 Certificate IV in Design Upgrade Course if you choose to continue.

What are the benefits of pathway learning?

  • The Intensive Foundation Course is great a starting point. It’s ideal if you are testing the waters to see if you like design without over-committing yourself. If you decide to continue, you have the option to take the upgrade course.
  • You may find that the Intensive Foundation Course suits your needs and budget at the time of enrolment. Upon completion, if you decide you want a qualification, pathway learning gives you this opportunity.
  • Everyone’s different. Take a look at some of the reasons students choose to upgrade to CUA40715 Certificate IV in Design Upgrade.

Flexible learning to suit your needs and budget

We offer training that is realistic for the design industry. Our variety of courses let you choose how you want to learn and what level you want to achieve. Our competitive pricing means you’re getting amazing value for an investment in your future.

Considering pathway learning? Here are some things to consider.

Study Schedule Timings

Intensive Foundation Course + Upgrade Course:

The Intensive Foundation Course is made up of 11 modules of approximately 700 hours with 12 months to complete. The upgrade course is 1 module of approximately 50 hours with 3 months to complete.

CUA40715 Certificate IV in Design full enrolment:

The CUA40715 Certificate IV in Design is 12 modules of approximately 750 hours and allows you the full 15 months to complete.

Time Tip:

If you have the intention of finishing the CUA40715 Certificate IV in Design via the pathway and you consider yourself to be ‘time poor’, the direct enrolment may suit you better. The direct enrolment option allows you to spread your 12 modules out over the full 15 months. Giving you more time to complete each module.

Budget tip:

If you are choosing to the first payment options there is no difference in the price outlay of the pathway and the direct enrolment in the CUA40715 Certificate IV in Design. If you decide to take advantage of the payment plan system, the price will vary sightly.

There is a payment breakdown on the “Prices, Plans & Enrolments” page.

Austudy and Employers

If you qualify with Centrelink to gain a study benefit, you cannot choose the pathway option. Full enrolment in the qualification is necessary for Centrelink.

If you have a financial arrangement with your employer to cover you for course costs, make sure they are able to fund you for a non-qualification. This varies from employer to employer.

How Much does the upgrade cost?

The online CUA40715 Certificate IV in Design Upgrade Course costs a full price one-off payment of CERTUP.11.PRICE.VALUE. You may only undertake the Upgrade Course once you have successfully completed the Intensive Foundation Course.

Find out more

Find out more about the individual courses:

Recognised of Prior Learning

In accordance with the requirements of the VETQuality Training Framework, The Graphic Design School provides the opportunity for students to apply to have prior learning recognised toward a qualification or units of competence for which they are enrolled.

What is Recognised Prior Learning?

Recognised Prior Learning involves the assessment of previously unrecognised skills and knowledge an individual has achieved outside the formal education and training system. Recognised Prior Learning assesses this unrecognised learning against the requirements of a unit of competence, in respect of both entry requirements and outcomes to be achieved.

By removing the need for duplication of learning, recognition encourages an individual to continue upgrading their skills and knowledge through structured education and training towards formal qualifications.

If you would like to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning please do not hesitate to contact us, at

Getting Started

How Do I Register?

You can enrol any day of the year. As we are online and training is self paced, there is no pressure. Enrol when you are ready to start, from anywhere in the world.

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