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An agency that is head to toe. FAB! Brigada studios have got talent, creativity and one hell of a sense of a interior space design.







All for love

Thank you to all TGDS socialites who volunteered their photos for our Alumni and Social page.

Sue, Billy, Kat, Bertie, Hunter, Mahdvi, Dom, Bec, Amie & her little cutie.

If you would like to appear on this page, send us your pic.

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Florian Klauer

Thanks to Florian Klauer for attributing this beautiful image of a dissected typewriter to the Creative Commons domain, we love!

type set

Florian Klauer


Holi Festival the big toss

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Vannie-Lou used to be on DeviantArt

Thanks to beautiful people

The most heartfelt thank you of all time goes to the students and tutors who put aside their camera fears and volunteered to share their own experiences and image as students in our videos and photos.

Jessa, Jennifer, Maria, Lisa-Marie, Renee, Zahn, Sarah, Emma, Toni, Lee-Anne, Tracey, Andrew & Ben.

We love you guys!

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More beautiful people

Lastly, a huge thank you to the students who have shared their love of design and The Graphic Design School via the Student Work page and Testimonials.

Anna, Trina, Bertie, Jen, David, Andy, Tiffany, Jessica, Zahn, Reide, Bryan, Louise, Signe, Tim, Garyfalia, Sarah, Lynsay & Bec.

—TGDS Designers & Developers

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