Hello! My Name is Ashley Van Den Heuvel

Hey Ashley! Tell us a bit about you?

Well, where do I begin! I’m 24 years old; I’m a New Zealander having been living in sunny Queensland for five years now.

A few of my favourite things include, first and foremost, my wonderful little Cavoodle Ted, surfing up a storm, banana smoothies, a good cheesy romance novel, snowboarding (when I get the chance to escape Queensland!), Star Wars, baking, mountain biking, board games (who doesn’t love a good game of UNO), and of course, all things design!

Weekend in Pictures — Magazine Design

Magazine article for Australian Lifestyle photographer, stylist, adventurer, author and storyteller, Kara Roseunlund.

Magazine spread for a weekend in pictures on a grey background

Glossy spread of a magazine opened in the middle

Full spread magazine featuring a horse painting, bed, outback road and car driving past trees

Java Love — Branding & Packaging

Brand and packaging etsablishment for Java Love, a company that supplies organic coffee roasts from local growers.

A coffee shopfront called Java Love is in a historic building beneath terrace aparatments

Java Love products layed out on a pale wooden table and organised in a neat grid

Java Love takeaway coffee cup in front of a hershen sack of coffee beans Java Love takeaway coffee cup under a coffee machine with coffee being poured into it

Java Love Logo on the front of a coffee shop door with people seen in the reflection Brown paper bag of hand roasted Java Love beans

Harpers BAZAAR — Advertisement

Advertisement for digital and/or hardcopy of Harpers BAZAAR magazine subscription.

Beautiful white flowers rising out of a bouqet with green and brown leaves Bazaar website being view pm an iPad by a person sitting on a chair in a living room

Hanging print of Bazaar magazine prints with yellow flowers, a cup of coffee and a macbook pro

Bazaar magazine spread viewed from the bottom corner

The Lost Fawn —

Brand establishment for a Brisbane based photographer Jessica Armstrong, and her brand, ‘The Lost Fawn’.

Black and White image of two sides of a woman, on the left looking passive and on the right she is shouting as glass shatters

Full style palette of Lost Fawn branding

iMac with website page open to Lost Fawn Website landing page Lost Fawn website is open to the gallery page of a photographer

Woman in a black dress is holding an antique lamp in the dark looking lost

Letter headers, envelopes and business cards for the Lost Fawn Front and back of a business card for Jess Armstrong of Lost Fawn

Ashley’s Personal Branding & Identity

Brand establishment for her own personal brand.

An iMac, iPhone and iPad are open to the same website for Ashley Van Den Heuvel with plants around them

Business cards for Ashley Van Den Heuvel are falling into a pile Ashley Van Heuvel's business cards with her social media contacts listed

Style Palette for Ashley Van Den Heuvel's website

iMac showing the website for Ashley Van Den Heuvel Letters, envelopes and business cards for Ashley Van Den Heuvel's branding

A woman is sitting on the edge of a building overlooking an inner city river as the sunsets

Battle of the Brands — Advertising

Advertisement for Battle of the Brands, a unique surfing event in which competing industry brands will let their surfing ability settle all differences.

Advertising feature for Rip Curl and Quicksilver brands infront of a pathway with palm trees Magazine folded to page shwoing Rip Curl and Quicksilver Brands with a surfer getting air

Man and Woman walking down a beach on a Summer's day about to go surfing

Magazine folded to page shwoing Rip Curl and Quicksilver Brands with sponsors listed at the bottom

Who or what inspired you to be a designer?

When I was younger I use to spend a lot of my time collecting magazines. I would spend hours going through each one, cutting out everything that caught my eye, whether it was an article, an image or an illustration.

I would then take all of my cutouts and glue them into an old art book, practically recreating the magazine but the way I wanted it! Carefully considering the placement of each cut out, and watching the layout all come other, I really enjoyed it!

What is your favourite part of the design process?

My favourite part of the design process would have to be when you have completed a design; you’ve taken a break, gotten some fresh air and you have returned to have a final look.

In that moment I believe you can really feel whether or not have you achieved your objective. And when you have, the sense of accomplishment that you feel is very rewarding!

You were really into all sorts of design disciplines at TGDS, branding, campaigning and even packaging. Have you got a fav?

I really enjoyed them all, but if I have to pick a favourite, it would be a tie between the photography, the magazine layout and the campaign.

It is definitely the layout aspect of each concept that I enjoyed producing.

Tell us anything you would like to about your featured works.

I am SO happy with my corporate identity and my portfolio as a whole! When designing something for myself personally, I always struggle.

I am a perfectionist and I overthink things, always finding new ways to try and better a design. I find that I have so many ideas floating around in my head; it’s often hard to put them down on paper.

I really wanted my corporate identity to be a reflection of me and I think I really nailed it. To then incorporate that into my portfolio and see it all come together was so rewarding!

What did you love about studying design?

The thing I loved most about studying design was everything that I learnt along the way, and watching it all come together. Piecing together my final portfolio was a wonderful experience.

It was rewarding to know that all of the hard work had really paid off.

What’s your dream design job? Don’t hold back!

My dream job would 100% be in Publication design as a Magazine Art Director, particularly for a fashion and lifestyle magazine or perhaps a multi-platform publication.

Other than that, I have discovered that I really enjoy branding and logo design. So who knows where the future will lead!

Thanks Ashley