Hello! My Name is Chia Lin

Hey Chia! Tell us a bit about you?

I am a full-time pharmacist that has many interests. I have recently finished this fabulous course on The Graphic Design School, which opened up my perspective about design. I am interested in editorial design. But that’s not all, I’m also fond of art, water colour, piano, violin, reading, movies, and adventurous holidays! (that’s not the full list) Which is reflected in the icon design studies!

Miyamoto Tea Shop

This project is to design a brand identity for a ‘shop’ called “Miyamoto Tea Shop”. The idea is to promote Japanese tea range and tea culture. Hence the design consist of elements and characters reflecting the culture. However, as the store is located in Australia, and the target audience

Logo Design for Miyamoto Tea Shop Spread Design for Miyamoto Tea Shop

Brown Logo for Miyamoto Tea Shop Green Logo for Miyamoto Tea Shop

Full range of products for Miyamoto Tea Shop

Menu for Miyamoto Tea Shop

Horizon Music

This is a project dedicated to my first client. She asked me to design a logo for her piano company. Her target consumers are children ranges from 4-12. She belives that children at this age have unlimited potential. Her company name Horizon music is to reflect this concept. I have used the sky and the cloud to represent the objective of the company. This project is a poster and album cover designed for her upcoming recital.

Hanging Piano promotional piece Second Hanging Piano promotional piece

CD and Case for Horizon Music Recording

The Other Art Fair

The Other Art Fair Sydney takes place in the creative heart of Eveleigh at the Australian Technology Park. Presented by Saatchi Art, The Other Art Fair Sydney showcases 100 talented independent and emerging artists Next project displays few posters designed to promote the art fair

The Other Art Hanging 1 The Other Art Hanging 2

The Other Art Hanging 3 The Other Art Hanging 4

Who or what inspired you to be a designer?

I always love sketching and drawing, but believe it or not, my passion for designing came from an old comic book that I’ve read when I was 12! The comic book is on fashion design, but my interest grew beyond this field.

What are you up to in the design world at the moment?

I haven’t got much to do with the design field at the moment, but, in the future, I would love to be part of design firm that specialize in editorial design, that would be a dream job.

What is your favourite part of the design process?

I love playing and exploring the adobe software, every time I learn something new, and I go back to my old work, I find room for improvement.

You were really into all sorts of design disciplines at TGDS, branding, campaigning and even packaging. Have you a fav?

I didn’t really enjoy packaging module at first, then I found out that is because I am really bad with the software, it just isn’t getting the same effect as I would like to have. As I progress, and learn more skills, I found that packaging can be fun too. So at the moment, my favorite is magazine, poster design, but who knows in the future!

Tell us anything you would like to about your featured works.

My Miyamoto tea shop is something that I really enjoyed. My inspiration was actually from a picture from internet of a Japanese Mitso package, which is a type of flavor used in Asia. The idea is to blend traditional Japanese/Chinese design with modern design, also, to bring together the East and West culture.

I can see potentials in this design after modification. Why do I say that? Because with the icon studies, after consulting with an industry specialist, getting a second opinion, I am quite happy with the end result. I really enjoy the process of refining old work with the new skills I have. Hence, I believe with a new pair of eyes, my Miyamoto design can be even better.

What did you love about studying design?

I enjoy being able to put my ideas in my head on to something visually appealing.

What’s your dream design job? Don’t hold back!

Editorial design! But then again, my interest changes as I grow old, who knows where I would be. This is just my current goal.

What would you say to someone about to embark on his or her own journey in design?

Enjoy the process of learning, don’t be afraid to fall! There is an old Chinese saying, we learn in every moment until the day we die.

Thanks Chia